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September 29, 2016

Wow! it’s been a while since I posted here. But when I got the email  from Little Me today, with this photo from our shoot with this  sweetheart; well,  I just had to share this little face with everyone. The world seems so crazy these days that it is hard to focus on anything; but this face looking so directly into the camera stopped me, and really, truly made my day.  I look at this photo and I remember how much fun we had that day and I am so grateful for the job that lets me hang out with little humans like this one! 


April 8, 2014

I just had to post this beautiful photo, from the CR Magazine shoot I did with Pamela Hanson, because the kids look so amazing that you'd never know it was sooo cold that day that we only let them out of the heated van for minutes at a time!!  This shot is a reminder to me that we adults are truly wimpy compared to kids - with their ability to find fun in any situation.  They were unbelievable troopers, they even made amazing things from the playdough and the paper snowflakes we all cut out and colored, while they waited for their shots. Plus any time I see any of these kids since, they run up to me like we're old friends - a bonding experience it certainly was!!

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April 14, 2013

It's been a great week! It started with the  cutie pies below on a Little Me shoot with me. And as cute as they are, I swear every kid that day was just as adorable. I think maybe it was the spring weather - which has FINALLY hit NYC.  And, even though if you look closely you can see that he is about to try and pull her ear off, I think what he is tyring to say is HAPPY SPRING! 

Photo: happy babies on set today with Time Geaney shooting for Little Me! Smiling babies make my day!! (even if this little boy is trying to pull her ear off :-)))

Then on Friday the article about me came out in the Financial Times.  Shocking as it is, it seems that  having a job that entails crawling around on the floor with babies making barking noises and blowing kisses gets you featured in their unique jobs column. Here it is - 

financial times 4-12-13

August 2012

A big thank you to this sweetie pie who came up to the top of Central Park for a shoot  the other day.  The thing is, he waited patiently all day to be in  the photo.  He even befriended an older boy;  he trailed after him with the  look of awe that I think  little boys  save only for those that they consider the big boys.  At the end of the day they realized that they did not need him in the shot. So he got an ice that matched his shirt,  and when I asked him to pose for a picture for me there was nothing but this mile-wide smile.  Talk about using lemons to make  lemonade! Or in this case lemon ice ;-)  I've looked at this picture at the end of every challenging day I've had since.

IMG 0840

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midwestern Sunset

Well I’m in Milwaukee again, so here’s one of those beautiful midwestern sunsets - across the street from the mall. The kids here are just like their parents:  sweet, straightforward and soooo polite.  I’m loving all the girls who are on the competitive dance teams  - what amazing listeners!! I told one of the girls yesterday that she was my wrangler - she kept making me laugh - and she reponded, “ It’s my pleasure!”  Loved her!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the Way to The Studio

Such a beautiful view of the city from the bus to New Jersey. Just looking out the window - iphone in hand - makes the commute doable. This particular morning it was a relief to see a bit of sun after so much rain. Anyone else feel like we’ve been living in a swamp?  The kids were truly troopers today!  Doing their best to screw up their adorable faces to try to look like dangerous pirates.  Biggest laugh I got was a tie between the farting bunny and my ever handy (self made) duck noises.  Now who else gets paid for that!!!? lucky me!

November 11, 2011

pic for wran site

Ahhh...... to be a Kid again!!

Shot this pic with my iphone of  a sweet and funny girl on a recent shoot. She still had the energy to run circles around the sudio when we were done shooting and she dared me to get a picture of her - I do love a dare!